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Teen Treatment

Teen girl smiling while looking at mirror in dental clinic

Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers

Teenagers! Those years have such special meaning for parents (and for orthodontists). This is a time of great enjoyment as we see our young patients blossoming into young adults!

For our teens, we are attempting to place the teeth in their final adult position within the facial boundaries to maximize the cosmetic and functional results of treatment.

Important decisions such as the removal of teeth vs. expansion of the mouth or orthopedic correction vs. surgery are being made. This is the time when patient cooperation becomes very important.

The orthodontic teen treatment at Peachtree Orthodontics in Sandy Springs, GA, represents a blend of expertise, compassion, and advanced technology, ensuring that every teenager embarks on a journey to a perfect smile with confidence and comfort.

By this time,

most permanent teeth are present in the mouth and very close to their final non-corrected positions. This typically is the last chance that orthodontists have to influence growth and development. In some cases, especially in our young ladies, growth may have already ceased. This time becomes crucial to our final planning. Typical “braces” may be used in many of these cases.
dentist in blue gloves filling the beautiful smiling woman patient's root canal using mirror and drill in clinic
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